The industrial property right


The monopoly Cool Cup in Iran

It is noted that Cool Cup owns an industrial patent and every kind of copying or
.abusing it will lead to prosecution
,It is considerable to check documents and evidences such as the industrial patent
logo and hologram before signing the contract with similar company to know there
is no organization with other brand to use dual-purpose-cool Cup container. The
cool cup containers and packages are patented by Cool Cup brand and every legal
.entities and persons are not permitted to use the mentioned brand

Warning: Abusing Cool Cup industrial design

Dear Pals! Be careful that some people have copied the industrial design and brand
of cool cup, then Cool Cup has sued them and considering legal and penal
proceedings they were adjudged to pay heavy fine. Therefore, somebody who are
delegated by noted community, cool cup will sue them again and it leads to add
their infractions.

The industrial design of cool cup container owns exclusively cool cup company
and abusing it will result in prosecution.