The party tastes Cool Cup!
کول کاپ، سیرک خوشمزه ها، اولین عرضه کننده فینگر فود در ایران،
کول کاپ، سیرک خوشمزه ها، اولین عرضه کننده فینگر فود در ایران،


Without any kielbasa and sausages


Fast preparation in minimum time

Kill two birds with one stone

Test different taste and flavors with drinks in a Cup

Provisions of deputation

Iran is a potential recreational, cultural and tourism country by 65% youth, is developed in food
industry. Based on centralization of attractive & different residential, trade and sport centers in urban
areas, it is considered to invest there as a first step.
Since there is desired demand to sale food Argo in the mentioned mall, these food court and
restaurants are not just for eating. So this project offers the different methods to prepare appropriate
requirement for skilled and semi-skilled employment.

The first finger food producer in Iran

In modern society, the fantasy food is one of the daily ingredient in our life.

This organization is going
to produce and serve new food by new methods that focuses on finger food.

“Abusing the industrial plan of CoolCup “

The monopoly of coolcup in Iran
It is noted that coolcup owns an industrial patent and coping and abusing it leads to prosecution